Meet the Victorian Immortals

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Jack’s back – so you better watch yours…

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A Winterwellian invitation

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The Immortals of Victorian London invite you to attend their bi-century celebration of iniquity, inebriation and death.


The infamous of Victorian society – both the good and the bad – remain so notorious in this day and age not solely for their acts in their own age, but because their influence continues in a very real way. It was no coincidence that the most devious, deviant and nobly virtuous of the age, from Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd to Sherlock Holmes, Miss Haversham to Prince Albert all disappeared in mysterious circumstances and before their time.

In fact they were the first subjects in a new scientific process known as cryogenic freezing – locked into their still breathing bodies by a mysterious man whom some deem a gentle benefactor and some the devil incarnate.

Every thirty years this ambiguous progenitor wakes his divided crew and forces them to stretch their legs and mingle with each-other. Each time the same feuds and disputes, allegiances and loyalties are renewed, and each time they also find out a little bit more about why this has happened to them, and what they may be building towards.


An Invitation


We would like to invite you to the third of these revivals, to show these fellows what is new in our very modern age (although we need to make sure not to shock them too much – and ask you to dress like them, for example, and throw the odd anachronism into conversation).


And finally we are also looking for volunteers. Our slumbering ancestors need revitalising with the blood of the young, as well as any organs that you may be able to spare.


One suitable applicant on the evening will also be asked to give everything for the greater good and a ceremony will be conducted to usher them into the new stage and thank them for their offering.


Could you be a suspect in Alex Delaware’s latest investigation?

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What went down at the Winterwell Wonkoff…

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Sorry for holding back on you for so long, but here she is – Willy’s crazy gameshow and those that made it through to the end…

See you at the Halloween party??

All aboard the Standon Express…

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But we hear the train might be making a stop off – in MURDERVILLE. Who will solve the dastardly mystery??

The Winterwell Wonkoff

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